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Short Stories:

An Interesting Thing About Tom Hanks

Our Mouths are Stained with Bitterness: Raising Isaac

The Neighborhood Association

I Give it Six Months

Music Our Mothers Made

Cast Your Cares into the River (Print or Online Subscription)

Artemis, with Wildflowers

The Astronaut’s Dictionary

Dogman’s Daughter

The Woman with the Very Large Glasses (Patrons only) 

Frigg Mourns 

Dirty Blue

Conjugate “to be” using complete sentences.

Butter Face

Nova and the Moon

An Unofficial Girl Scout Guide to Incarceration 

Chicken Tikka Masala for Lovers

We Did Not Die in the Night

Your Elegant Noose




Northern Michigan

Roses on My Table, and Nothing in the Fridge; Labor Day

Dissection and Lamentation

#feministasfuck: #15, #thisbody, #comfort

Lover’s Psalm

New Year’s Wake


Jacob Have I Loved


Hallway Chats


Jenny Magazine – Contributor Interview

Jenny Magazine – Syntax & Salt: Stories Editor Interview

Every Day Fiction

Freeze Frame Fiction

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  1. […] AK: I’m currently working on a series of linked shorts inspired by a magical realism piece I wrote last year: Also a sci-fi short story loosely inspired by the Pig Prince fairytale, and a literary fantasy novella. I have upcoming publications in freeze frame fiction’s YA Volume, Pidgeonholes, which is newer and really lovely, and a poem in Spry Volume 6. All of my previous publications are listed on my very low traffic blog. […]


  2. […] Ani King is a Michigan author, as well as Editor in Chief of Syntax & Salt: Stories. She can also be found at […]